Our Story

Our Sory

It all started in France in 1965 when a group of farmers from six dairy co-ops came together for a greater good. These dairy devotees saw the future and the need to get dairy to a population slowly leaving the rolling hills of farmland for the rows of suburbs and lines of urban streets. They took their French cows, taste and love for yogurt and through a quick merge of the names of the two lead co-ops Yola and Coplait – Yoplait was born.

These founders of Yoplait were dedicated to freshness and great taste, and every choice made reflected that dedication.

Our Logo
The Upside Down Cup
Our Ingredients

Fas Forward o Today

It’s been over 50 years and we’re still spreading that co-op love of cultured dairy across the globe. Today we have 14 different types of yogurt with more than 135 flavors to choose from. Any way you wish to get your daily dose of dairy goodness, we’ll help make that wish come true – and we’ll be sure it tastes delicious with the best quality ingredients. It’s why we whip our yogurt; or put it in a tube for one-handed eating enjoyment or why we make yogurt versions of your favorite desserts – We know you love key lime pie. We know you love yogurt. So as we say in France, voila.

And it’s not just what we make for you that make us different– it’s that unique French devotion to the craft of how we make it that makes our yogurts special. The cornerstone of our Yoplait family are our ingredient experts, specifically focused on what we call the big three of Yogurt: Milk, Fruit and Cultures. We only use the best ingredients and always strive to source ingredients that are sustainable.

Wha We Care Abou

Farms and Co-Ops

We work directly with family farms and co-ops to source our milk – these farmers supply us regionally sourced, high-quality milk for our yogurt. All of our milk is sourced from co-ops that adhere to the “five freedoms” pledge for their cows - freedom from hunger; freedom from thirst and malnutrition; freedom from discomfort; freedom from pain, injury and disease; freedom from fear and distress; and freedom to engage in normal patterns of animal behavior. And Yoplait was the first leading yogurt company to source only milk produced by cows not treated with the synthetic growth hormone rBST.

The Environment

Yoplait, as part of General Mills, has pledged to reduce its absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 28 percent across our full value chain over the next 10 years. We’ve also found ways to convert our waste to energy where we make Yoplait in Tennessee; processing the leftover whey from our Greek yogurt to produce electricity for the plant and surrounding town.

Our Milk

We source our milk regionally because local milk means fewer road miles. We’ve already managed to reduce our road miles by 1.8 million per year.

Saving Water

Water is vital to making yogurt, but conservation is vital to the philosophy of Yoplait. So, as part of General Mills, our goal in production is to decrease water use by 1 percent each year. In California, we’ve made it a top priority and reduced water usage by almost 21,000 cubic meters in 2015.


We use proprietary cultures that are unique to Yoplait – the secret ingredients to our smooth and creamy texture (some of which have been around for 40+ years.)

The Best Quality Fruit

Our close relationship with our fruit growers means often going straight to the orchard to ensure our fruit is picked at the perfect time for yogurt making.

Our Pah o Goodness



We began sourcing only milk from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones.



We removed high fructose corn syrup from our yogurts.



We removed Aspartame from Yoplait Light.



We reduced sugar by 25% in each serving of Yoplait Original, decreasing the amount of sugar from 26 grams to 18 grams.



We are always listening to our fans. Together we can make Yoplait better than ever.