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Peanut Butter and Banana snacks on table
Peanut Butter & Banana Snacks on table

Our Story

Yoplait is the great tasting, spoon it—drink it—slurp it, yogurt we know and love. We’ve changed a lot over the years. Like the time we reduced sugar and removed artificial sweeteners from Yoplait Original. Or the time we took things outside of the cup and into a dunkable snack. Or when we made it easier to pack in a school lunch with Go-GURT’s EZ Tear Technology.

An orange and red watercolor flower with Yoplait printed below

The Yoplait Logo

And some things are the same. Like our dedication to making delicious yogurt everyone in the family can love and that signature flower on every cup. In fact, that flower has a story. Yoplait started in France (fancy!) in 1965 with a group of six dairy co-ops. When they came together they needed a symbol to celebrate where they’ve been and that flower, representing each co-op, is that symbol. Very cool.

An overhead view of a cup of Yoplait Original strawberry yogurt

Enjoy the Moment

With Yoplait, it’s all about you. Helping you raise good little humans. Giving you new and exciting flavors in unexpected ways. Sharing family moments that take us out of the kitchen. We might even take you to the movies if the right experience comes around.

So let’s raise a spoon (or straw, or rip the top or unscrew the cap) to enjoying all that Yoplait has to offer. We hope you love it as much as we do!