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Learn more about our products

Learn more about our products

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Are Yoplait Original and Light products Gluten Free?

Yes! We are proud to offer these gluten free yogurt products for you to enjoy.


Why can’t I find my favorite flavor?

Sorry to hear it’s hard to find your favorite! With the continued innovation in the yogurt industry, competition is heating up- leading to limited space and a loss in distribution for some Yoplait flavors. While we are continuously working on the distribution kinks on our end, try our product locator to help track down your favorite Yoplait flavor. If you’re not having any luck in finding your favorite flavor at your local retailer, be sure to let your store manager know which Yoplait flavor you would like to see them carry.

Are Yoplait yogurt cups recyclable?

Good news on the recycling front- more and more recycling programs are accepting number 5 plastics. Most Yoplait yogurt cups are classified as number 5 plastics in accordance with the Society of Plastics Industry’s material container coding system. The number 5 indicates that recycling is limited depending on the community you live in. Want to learn if your community accepts number 5 plastics? Visit this website to learn more. At Yoplait we’re also dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint. You can  learn more here.

Why are products always being discontinued?

From Strawberry Shortcake to Key Lime Pie to Triple Berry Torte- in our mission to make so good yogurt, we’re constantly working to bring you new flavors.  Unfortunately to make room for the new, this sometimes means we have to discontinue the less popular flavors. If you’re really missing your favorite, be sure to let us know.  Head over to Facebook or Twitter, and tell us which product you would like to see back on the shelf. Also, take a look around at our Flavor List, with over 40 flavors, who knows- maybe you’ll find a new favorite! 😊


Why do you use gelatin in your yogurt?

We use gelatin in some of our yogurts to prevent the yogurt from separating and to maintain the smooth and creamy texture throughout the shelf life of our yogurt. The gelatin is certified Kosher and carries KD (Kosher Dairy) Certification from Rabbi Barnett Hasden. We know gelatin matters to a lot of our vegetarian fans out there, and we do offer a few products that are gelatin free: Kids Cup, 32oz Lg Size, and Yoplait Smooth Strawberry, Blueberry, and Horchata.

Why do you use carmine in some of your flavors?

The majority of our products do not have carmine, but the flavors that do will have it listed in the ingredients section on the cup. Carmine is naturally derived and used to enhance the strawberry color. We understand your concerns about carmine since many of you have asked us about “bug parts” in your food, and the good news is that you’re not eating ground up insects. Carmine is actually sourced from the dried shells of the cochineal beetle and is used in a purified form in foods. It’s safe, natural, and has the FDA’s approval for use in food, all things that are very important to us when considering an ingredient. Because of consumer concern, we are exploring quality substitutes and hope to have an update soon.

Why do you use corn starch in your yogurt?

We use corn starch to give our yogurt the smooth and creamy texture that our fans have come to expect from Yoplait.

Why do some of your yogurts have artificial sweeteners, such as sucralose?

Some of our products contain artificial sweeteners. Sweeteners let us deliver an amazing taste without adding calories. If you prefer a yogurt without artificial sweeteners, Oui by Yoplait, and Yoplait Fruitside do not contain any artificial sweeteners.

Why do you use preservatives in your yogurt, such as potassium sorbate?

We use low levels of preservatives in our yogurt because we don’t want you to worry about molds, yeasts or certain bacteria growing in your yogurt. It’s just part of our commitment to ensure you have the best yogurt eating experience as possible.

Does Yoplait use milk protein concentrate in any of your Greek products?

Milk protein concentrate is not used in our largest sized and most popular products, Yoplait Greek or Yoplait Greek 100.