Yoplait Dairy

For us, it is pretty simple: regionally-sourced high-quality milk, the farmers who produce it and the environment around us.

Think Local

It feels good to know where your food is from and that it hasn’t traveled across continents to get to you. We make our yogurt in different regions across the country and have partnered with dairy cooperatives in each of those regions to supply us with milk. This is a win for you and for the planet – fresher milk and fewer road miles.

In 2009, we began sourcing the milk used at our Carson, CA plant from a cooperative that is 175 miles closer than our previous source. We also reduced the milk shipments at our Methuen, MA plant by switching from truck to rail transportation. All of this adds up to our yogurt traveling 1.8 million fewer miles per year.

Supporting our Farmers and the Environment

We are embarking on a journey, in partnership with cooperatives and organizations like Dairy Management (DMI). Go to http://usdairy.com/sustainability to find out more about how the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy, which is supported and staffed by DMI, is working on sustainability initiatives that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions.Through these partnerships we are striving to support dairy industry-wide sustainability goals, increase farmer participation in sustainability groups and enable better tracking and use of natural resources such as land and water. We will be connecting farmers so they can learn from each other, spread sustainable farming practices and help ensure that the farms we count on will be around for the next generation.


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