Support Should Never Go into Remission

For many, Yoplait has become as synonymous with breast cancer research as we are with yogurt. We are proud that over the last 15 years, our commitment to the cause has resulted in nearly $35 million from all our donation programs. Because of this, programs like Save Lids to Save Lives have given many women the support they need when they need it most. However, we can still do more.

This year, Yoplait will begin to extend that same support to women and their families year round. In collaboration with the American Cancer Society, we will recognize and support 14 individuals and the organizations they represent. With our added help, they will be able to extend their reach to even more women in need.

Over the coming months, we will introduce you to these 14 individuals and their stories. Stories about survival and courage, and how small gestures make big changes. You will get to know a young woman from Ohio, for instance, who adopted a baby girl whose mother was taken by breast cancer. You will learn about other women living on the Cheyenne River Sioux reservation and the Champions who ensure their treatment, without whom treatment would be unavailable.

We hope these stories inspire you as much as they inspire us, and that you share them so they may inspire others. With your help, we will call year-round attention to the message that support should never go into remission and that the potential to be a champion lies within us all.

Read our stories:

Erin - Getting uninsured women the support they need.

Nancy – Preaching the importance of early detection.

Heather – Helping families focus on recovery.

Dawn – A one-woman powerhouse in the Race Against breast cancer.

Arlene - Meeting great need.

Janice – Helping patients pay it forward.

Nora – Helping patients through education.

Susan - Always aware.

Dorothy- Helping women get the screening they need. 

Carol-Meeting great need.

Ernesta- Educating and empowering women through networks.