Yoplait Fruitful

Yoplait Fruitful, a line of premium yogurt perfectly blended with 1/3 cup delicious fruit, may very well be fruit’s finest achievement yet. Each cup of Yoplait Fruitful is brimming with real fruit and fewer than 10 simple ingredients—without artificial flavors or sweeteners. With six scrumptious varieties to choose from, Yoplait Fruitful makes fruit so much more than just a flavor.

Find your Flavor


  • Is it ok to eat my yogurt past the date on the package?
  • Yoplait recently shifted to a "use by" date on the package, so your yogurt should be consumed by the date on the package.

  • If I freeze my yogurt, will it stay good longer than sell date on cup?
  • We still recommend consuming the product within 7-days of the use by date on the cup. The only varieties that are designed to be frozen are Go-Gurt and Whips. Freezing other varieties may result in changes in consistency or texture.

  • Why can't I find my favorite Yoplait in my store?
  • How frustrating! Try our product locator below. If you can’t find it at one of the listed retailers, lobby your store manager - there's lots of competition in the yogurt aisle!  yoplait.com/productlocator