What's your Swapportunity?

Yoplait is always looking for ways to make good, SO good. And Swapportunity may just be the sweetest way yet...

Swapportunity is the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a delicious 90 calorie Yoplait Light.

That’s right, when a doughnut is calling your name, just swap it for a Yoplait Light Boston Cream Pie. When that birthday cake is staring you in the face, just swap it for a Yoplait Light Strawberry Shortcake. And when that late night ice cream craving begins to consume your thoughts, put it to rest with a Yoplait Light Apple Turnover. With 20 delicious flavors at 90 calories each, just one swap a day keeps the calories away.

But it's not just about satisfying that sweet tooth. A swapportunity is that moment you choose a simple trade-off that makes you feel SO good. There are tons of swapportunities out there!

Swap the stairs for the elevator.

Swap your office chair for one of those bouncy ball thingies.

Or swap a moment of frustration for a little meditation...a bad attitude for a moment of gratitude.

And after all that swapping, next thing you know you could be swapping the winter blues for bright sunny hues. Or bulky winter boots for open-toed shoes. You see, every little swap goes a long way.

What will your swapportunity be?