Helping Patients through Education

“Education,” wrote Aristotle, “is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity.” No one understands this better than Nora Price Thompson. “When I was diagnosed with breast cancer,” she says, “I was disappointed by the lack of information provided.” This motivated Thompson to launch Pink Alliance, an organization founded with four other survivors to ensure the newly diagnosed have access to credible cancer resources.

At the moment of diagnosis, the organization provides patients with “Personal Health Managers,” portfolios containing cancer-related materials and resources, which prepare women for the coming journey.

A support group hosted by Pink Alliance furthers this aim. Twice a month, the group gathers in order to share concerns and allow women in treatment to connect with survivors. Guest speakers are also invited, and the group receives their practical advice and publications on special interest topics relating to their struggle.

Nora wants people to know how treatable breast cancer is. To date, she’s spoken to over 1,000 people on the importance of early detection and education, and that number continues to grow. The most satisfying aspect of her work, she says, is “when a patient approaches me with their Personal Health Manager in hand and tells me how much it helped.”

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